Swimming Pool and Saunarium


The Sports Centre swimming pool is the home of swimming classes and pool activities in Aberystwyth. The Sports Centre offer both weekly and bi-weekly classes including Aqua Ffit, Aqua Gym and Triathlon Swim. As well as these Sports Centre ran classes, several university sports clubs run regular activities including Sub Aqua, Swimming & Waterpolo and Octopush (Underwater Hockey).

To book a swimming slot, please book your place online, or call us on 01970 622280.

COVID-19 guidelines for Swimming Pool Users

  • All swimming sessions must be booked in advance
  • To book your pool sessions up to 7 days in advance, go to https://au.sports-booker.com/customer
  • Please arrive ‘swim-ready, with your swimming attire under your clothes.
  • Changing rooms will be available, please follow social distancing markers when changing and adhere to social distancing measures at all times.
  • Lockers will not be available so please bring a bag that stores your items on the pegs on the poolside balcony.
  • Please shower prior to entering the pool.
  • The swimming pool will be split up into 4 lanes, with the 2 middle lanes as swimming (faster) lanes, and the 2 outside lanes as recreational use, with a maximum of 4 swimmers per lane, all swimming in the same direction.
  • Customers may be asked by the Lifeguard to occasionally change lanes to provide a better experience for all swimmers.
  • The Sauna will be out of use until further notice.
  • There will not be any swimming lessons until further notice.
  • The lifeguard will indicate when the session ends, and you will be required to leave the pool following the one-way system back into the changing rooms, where you will have 5 minutes to shower, change and leave the facility via the one-way system before customers for the next booking slots are due to enter. This will help staff with cleaning the poolside and changing rooms between each session.
  • Hairdryers or hand dryers are not available for use.

Nordic Saunarium

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 guidlines, the Sauna will be out of use until further notice.

What is a Nordic Saunarium?

It is a high grade knot free timber cabin which offers a bathing environment between a dry sauna and a wet steam room. The balanced combination of heat and humidity generates a ‘tropical’ atmosphere, which is both relaxing and invigorating.

The Saunarium delivers regulated heat and humidity into the cabin, operating at a temperature of between 50-60°C with humidity between 40-50%. The Saunarium offers a different kind of bathing experience which will be further enhanced with essential oils, essences and lighting.

Aroma Feature

The bathing experience can be enhanced with the introduction of many different and varied essential oils in the following categories - Refreshing, Relaxing, Invigorating, Exotic and Enticing.

Guidance Notes

For more information and rules on usage, please click on the link below 

Sauna Instructions

OxFord Dipper - Pool Access Hoist

We have an Oxford Dipper pool hoist for customers to use, to gain access to the pool. Staff are trained in its use, and happy to assist. However users will need to be able to position themselves onto and off the hoist seat.

Your patience may be required, if staff need to arrange lifeguard cover, to get the hoist set up.

Please note: The safe working load of the hoist is 140kg (22 st)

Should you have any queries regarding this piece of equipment, please ask to speak to a Duty Manager, who will be happy to assist.