Main Gym


Representing an investment of £250,000, the new facilities offer state of the art cardio equipment, strength & conditioning apparatus supplied by Matrix Fitness. Further specialist equipment from Wattbike, SciFit, Boditrax and Concept provide our users with the very best kit on the market. Runners and cyclists are able to follow trails and routes anywhere in the world with the use of virtual technology, climb some of the world's landmark buildings including the Eiffel Tower and the world's tallest building - the Burj Khalifa. Our members will also be able to use the SportAber and personal training apps and combine all their training data with apps such as Strava, Map My Fitness and Fitbit.

The new facilities have something for everyone, from beginners to elite athletes and seasoned fitness enthusiasts to those who need to exercise to improve their health. The investment has enabled us to focus particular attention on the layout of the equipment so that the whole experience of using the gym is more friendly and welcoming, and the technology is designed to make exercising more enjoyable by engaging, motivating and challenging our customers. The facilities offer all our members the opportunity to train in a great atmosphere with the chance to make friends, relax and of course achieve all your health and fitness goals.

To use the Fitness Centre, a (20/30min) orientation is provided. This is available to everyone and can be booked up to a week in advance at the Sports Centre. Following the orientation, those competent can work unaided, whilst those wishing for additional support can take up the offer of personal training or consult an instructor at supervised times.

Access for Teen Gym (14-16years) is between 3-5pm on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sat/Sun 10am-12pm

Book your space online or call us on 01970 622280