Disability and Learning Support

For disabled students, those with long standing physical/mental health conditions or a specific learning difference, we aim for an inclusive curriculum accessible to all, adapted accommodation, and access to learning areas which are equipped with computers, special hardware, additional software and laptop access. We can offer you advice on individual examination arrangements and enabling technology so that you can reach your full potential and get the good results you deserve.

If you think you may have a Specific Learning Difference

If you think you may have a learning difference, contact accessibility@aber.ac.uk and the Accessibility Team will send you details of how to get a screening.

If the screening indicates you are likely to have a learning difference, we can give you details of how to get a Diagnostic Assessment Report (DAR) or Educational Psychologist assessment (EPA). However, you can also check the British Psychological Society or PATOSS for psychologists/specialist teachers in your area.

If, as a registered Aberystwyth University student, you need to pay for an Educational Psychologist Assessment (EPA) and this puts you into financial hardship please email student-adviser@aber.ac.uk for further advice. You may be awarded additional financial support to assist with this cost.

If you have a diagnosis

If you have previously had help for your SpLD/dyslexia such as tuition support or exam provision, please be aware that this does not continue through from school/college to university.

You will need a diagnosis of any disability that may require support and a Educational Psychologist Assessment (EPA) acts as the diagnosis for a SpLD/dyslexia where Student Finance is concerned. Check if a member of staff from your school/college is suitably qualified to carry out a full diagnostic assessment.

Once you have had an Educational Psychologist Assessment, or diagnosis of a different disability, email a copy to the Accessibility Team at accessibility@aber.ac.uk. They will be able to help you apply for the Disabled Student's Allowance and to work out learning provisions to assist you. 

Accessible accommodation

Aberystwyth University have fully accessible rooms with the use of adaptable communal kitchens as well as adapted flats. We can also provide adjustments such as flashing fire alarms, vibrating pillows and medical fridges.

We can adapt rooms according to individual needs, for example providing hand rails, lowering shelves etc. and we can endorse requests for en suite, upper/lower floor rooms, campus/sea front rooms etc. More information about accommodation options can be found in the Accommodation Brochure.

If you need a resident personal carer, the University may be able to provide a room on campus. You will need to ensure that the cost of the carer's room can be met. Home fee paying students may be able to reclaim the cost of the carer's accommodation from their home area Social Services Department.

Students wishing to request financial support from their Social Services Department will need to ensure that, following a community assessment, the 'Care Plan' recommends provision of a personal assistant/carer.

How can I apply for accessible accommodation?

Please note on your online accommodation application if you have a disability or medical condition which needs to be taken into account, or of which the University should be aware.

You should note these requirements on your application, regardless of which residence you are applying for, or even if you have already been in contact with the Accessibility Advisor with regards to special requirements. Please apply for accommodation as early as possible to ensure that your room requirements can be met prior to your arrival.

With your agreement, the medical information provided on your Accommodation Application Form will be passed on to us, the Accessibility Team within Student Support Services, in order to assess your needs. We will require written confirmation from a medical practitioner to be submitted in support of your request and once this has been received we can discuss with you what type of accommodation will be most appropriate. Medical evidence should be sent to: accessibility@aber.ac.uk.

All disability or medical information on your accommodation application form is treated confidentially, and only used for the purposes stated.

Please make sure you mention anything that may have a bearing on your Health and Safety or the Health and Safety of those living around you.

Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan

To ensure your safety you will require a PEEP (Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan) to identify an appropriate means of escape in the event of an emergency (including evacuation drills) in both University accommodation and academic buildings. This will apply regardless of the cause of your issue and the whether your difficulties are long or short term.

Please contact accessibility@aber.ac.uk, or you will be contacted by a member of the accessibility team who will complete a PEEP with you prior to your moving on campus.

If you would like further information or have specific questions,  please contact us by email on accessibility@aber.ac.uk or phone us on (01970) 621761 or 622087.

Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below may also help you find further information you need.

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