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Entry Requirements


Entry Requirements


Aberystwyth University expects Canadian students to hold certificates or diplomas awarded on completion of secondary school. Some courses may require you to have achieved at least 65% in specific grade 12 subjects. The full breakdown of general requirements can be found below.

Alberta: 5 grade 12 subjects passed at 65% min. 
British Columbia: 4 - 5 grade 12 subjects passed at 65% min. 
Manitoba: 5 grade 12 subjects passed at 70% min. 
New Brunswick: (Anglophone) min 60% in 17 of 20 credits, including 7 compulsories in grades 11-12 and at least 5 credits at grade 12 level. 
New Brunswick: (Francophone) 55% min to include min 24 credits out of a possible 30, 17 credits of which are associated with the core courses and 7 credits selected from the elective courses. 
Newfoundland and Labrador: min 70% average in grade 12 subjects.
Nova Scotia: 5 grade 12 subjects passed at 65% min. 
Ontario: 65% min with 6 grade 12 U or M courses (or a combination of grade 12 U and M courses). 
Prince Edward Island: min 65-75% overall in grade 12 subjects. 
Quebec: Applicants must take a pre-university diploma programme.
Saskatchewan: min 65-85% overall in grade 12 subjects. 
Northwest Territories: 5 grade 12 subjects passed at 65% min. 
Nunavut: 5 grade 12 subjects passed at 65% min. 
Yukon: 4 - 5 grade 12 subjects passed at 65% min.


You will be required to have a relevant Bachelor's Honours degree from a recognised institution, with grade equal to UK 2.2 standard or above to qualify for Aberystwyth University's postgraduate taught programmes. Table below presents the comparison of UK and Canadian qualifications.

UK 2ii Honours standard  

UK 2i Honours standard 

Bachelor's Honours
5.5 on 9pt. scale
68% where pass mark 60%
62% where pass mark 50%
GPA 2.5

 Bachelor's Honours
6.5 on 9pt. scale
75% where pass mark 60%
70% where pass mark 50%
GPA 3.0

For specific requirements, please refer to the Postgraduate Admissions Office website.

English Requirement

As Canada teach through the medium of English and English is used widely for administrative purposes, it is expected that nationals from Canada would not be required to have an English Language qualification. They are thus exempt from providing proof to meet the UK Visa and Immigrations requirements and the University's requirements for English language ability.


Award Value How & When to Apply

International Accommodation Award

(Undergraduate and Postgraduate)

Free OR discounted University Accommodation for the duration of your course.
See our Fees & Scholarships page for more information

AberDoc Scholarship


Grant for up to 3 years covering fees, maintenance with access to a conference fund

29th January OR 1st March
(Differs by department. See AberDoc for full details)

Canada Student Loans Program

For details on eligibility criteria, how to apply and for any queries about these loans, please visit the Canada Student Loans Program website.


Please contact usloans@aber.ac.uk if you need Aberystwyth University to complete any documentation provided by the Canadian Government in relation to these loans, such as Enrolment Forms to certify and confirm student status.

Please visit the Canada Student Loans Program website

For further information on Scholarships and Bursaries please see our Fees & Scholarships page or contact the International Office on international@aber.ac.uk


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