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If you have any questions about applying to, studying at, or living in Aberystwyth, do not hesitate to contact the regional officer for your country:

Contact: Jack Coates
Email: jac136@aber.ac.uk

Entry Requirements


Entry Requirements


The entry requirements for the Foundation programme are as follows:


Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education: a minimum score of 3,2,2 to 3,3,3 in relevant subjects is required in the HKDSE for entry onto the programme (including Mathematics for Computer Science and Business Foundation Pathways)


IELTS: Score of at least 4.5 - some courses require a score of 5.0 with only one grade at a 4.5.


Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education: 

  • Minimum Level 3 required in 5 x subjects.
  • Where there is a subject prerequisite, such as science-based subjects, a minimum of Level 4 must be achieved in a relevant HKDSE subject.

International Baccalaureate Diploma: A score of between 28-32 is required depending on the subject of interest.


IELTS: a score of between 6.0 - 6.5 with a minimum of 5.5 in each component is required.


You will be required to have a relevant Bachelor's Honours degree from a recognised institution, with a grade of at least a high 2.2 or above to qualify for Aberystwyth University's postgraduate taught programmes. 

For specific requirements, please refer to the Postgraduate Admissions Office website.

English Requirement

HKDSE: Level 4 in English 


IELTS score of at least 6.0 - 7.5


If you require help or assistance with your English then our International English Centre will be pleased to offer assistance and guidance. The Centre offers an intensive full-time course available before you commence your degree and provides ongoing support throughout the duration of your studies

Please note each course may require specific entry grades from the qualifications highlighted above. Some courses may also require an additional portfolio or interview.


Award Value How and When to Apply

International Accommodation Award

(Undergraduate and Postgraduate)

International students* will receive free or discounted university accommodation for the duration of their course.
See our International Accommodation Award page for more information.


(Postgraduate PhD)

Grant for up to 3 years covering fees, maintenance, and access to a conference fund.

29th January OR 1st March
(Differs by the department. See AberDoc for full details).

*For further information on scholarships and bursaries please contact the International Office at international@aber.ac.uk.


Our Agents in Hong Kong:


AAS Education Consultancy

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Email: enquiry@aas.com.hk 
Web: www.aas.com.hk 

Academic Link Overseas Study Centre

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Email: singwong@aca-link.com 
Web: www.aca-link.com 

ACE (Academic and Continuing Education)

Tel: +852 2311 2689 
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Aces Education Consultancy

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aec Education Consultancy

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Amber Education

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Aston Education

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AUG Student Services

Tel: +852 2392 1592
Email: hongkong@augstudy.com
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Britannia StudyLink

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British United Education Services

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Chamberlain Educational Services Centre

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Da Di Overseas Studies Service Centre

Tel: +852 2314 8312
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GET Education Consultancy

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Hong Kong Education Web

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HKIES Overseas Education Centre

Tel: +852 2264 8990
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Hong Kong Overseas Study Centre

Tel: +852 2730 2068
Email: education@hkosc.com.hk
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Tel: +852 2179 3600
Email: info.hongkong@idp.com
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LINKEDU Overseas Education

Tel: +852 2157 3822
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Maple Overseas Education

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Maxway Education

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Tel: +852 2967 8009
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