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If you have any questions about applying to, studying at, or living in Aberystwyth, please contact the regional officer for your region:

Contact: Victoria Conroy
Email: vic11@aber.ac.uk 
Phone: +44 (0) 1970 62 2905

Entry Requirements


Entry Requirements


The entry requirements for the Foundation programme are as follows:


Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education: a minimum score of 3,2,2 to 3,3,3 in relevant subjects is required in the HKDSE for entry onto the programme (including Mathematics for Computer Science and Business Foundation Pathways)


IELTS: Score of at least 4.5 - some courses require a score of 5.0 with only one grade at a 4.5.


Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education: 

  • Minimum Level 3 required in 5 x subjects.
  • Where there is a subject prerequisite, such as science-based subjects, a minimum of Level 4 must be achieved in a relevant HKDSE subject.

International Baccalaureate Diploma: A score of between 28-32 is required depending on the subject of interest.


UCAS Tariff: 104-120 points.


You will be required to have a relevant Bachelor's Honours degree from a recognised institution, with a grade of at least a high 2.2 or above to qualify for Aberystwyth University's postgraduate taught programmes. You can find the breakdown below.

 UK 2ii Honours standard Good 2ii Honours UK 2i Honours standard  UK 1st Class Honours standard

Bachelors Honours: 2ii (or GPA 2.50)

Bachelors Ordinary: 2ii (or GPA 3.00)

Bachelors Honours: 2ii (or GPA 2.85)

Bachelors Ordinary: 2i (or GPA 3.46)

Bachelors Honours: 2.i (or GPA 3.00)

Bachelors Ordinary: 1st (or GPA 3.70)

Bachelors Honours: 1st (or GPA 3.70)



English Requirement

HKDSE: Level 4 in English 


IELTS score of at least 6.0 - 7.5


If you require help or assistance with your English then our International English Centre will be pleased to offer assistance and guidance. The Centre offers an intensive full-time course available before you commence your degree and provides ongoing support throughout the duration of your studies

Please note each course may require specific entry grades from the qualifications highlighted above. Some courses may also require an additional portfolio or interview.


Award Value & Benefit Further Information

International Accommodation Award

(Foundation, Undergraduate and Postgraduate)

International students are eligible to receive inclusive or discounted university accommodation for each year of studies. Subject to availability. *Terms and conditions apply.

See our International Accommodation Award page for more information.


Caru Aber International Award

This award gives a £1,000 tuition fee discount to any international fee-paying students who spent a period of time studying with us as an associate student.

See our Caru Aber International Award page for more information.

AberDoc Scholarship Competition

(PhD students only)

Grant for up to 3 years covering fees and maintenance with access to a conference fund.

See our AberDoc Scholarship Competition page for more information.

International Family Award

£1,000 tuition fee discount available to international fee-paying students who have a family member that has studied, or is studying, at Aberystwyth University.

See our International Family Award page for more information.

Chevening Scholarships


Chevening Scholarships provide full funding for a one-year Master’s degree in any subject.

See our Chevening Scholarships page for more information.

Entrance Examinations & Merits Award


Worth up to £2,000 and a chance to receive an unconditional offer.

See our Entrance Examinations & Merits Awards page for more information.

Departmental Awards

Worth up to £500 per year.

See our Departmental Scholarships page for more information.

For further information on scholarships and bursaries please visit our fees and scholarships page or contact the International Recruitment & Development Office at international@aber.ac.uk.

Student Profiles

Abbey Chan

(BSc Veterinary Biosciences & MRes Parasite Control)

What do you love about Aberystwyth and Aberystwyth University?

I love the environment and atmosphere Aberystwyth provides the best, especially during summer, it feels like you’re in a completely different place!

What have you enjoyed most about your course?

I have been incredibly lucky that I had very supportive and encouraging tutors during my courses, and the connections I made with my lecturers made me enjoy the courses a lot more and overcome my shyness when it came to asking questions about the materials taught.

How did you find adjusting to life in Aberystwyth?

At first, I was feeling homesick being so far away from home. But making a lot of friends through my classes and extracurricular activities helped me feel more comfortable and at ease at Aberystwyth. 

What advice would you give someone considering studying at Aberystwyth University?

Take any opportunity you can get, sometimes you have no idea what you would be missing out on if you don’t take the initiative!

Have you joined any student clubs or societies and what have you enjoyed about them?

During my bachelors, I decided to restart the Animal and Veterinary Society with a few of my friends and have been on the committee ever since, I’m also an active member of the Showdance sports club since my first year at University. My favourite thing about joining a society or a club is having the opportunity to socialise with people at university who are in different years and doing different degrees, it’s such a great way to make friends with common interests as well!


Alumni Profiles

Linus Hui Kai Hei

(BSc Tourism Management)

"With a spectacular seaside view and cosy atmosphere, Aberystwyth is one of the best environments in the UK to keep you focused on your study. Studying at Aberystwyth University is one of the best times in my life, where I had the chance to excel in my academics while having met with my life-long friends. Big thanks to my tutor Carl, who had guided me, besides my study, on independent and critical thinking during the three years of study, which is beneficial for a lifetime and improves my career in the insurance industry. For those of you who are about to pursue your study at Aber, I'd suggest you get yourself ready to start your wonderful university time in a frosty town! Do make sure you can cook homestyle dishes to treat yourself when you miss home! I'm currently working in a Ship Management Company as an Insurance Executive."



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