Accepting Your Offer

Please respond to your offer within 6 weeks of receipt or the respond-by day noted in the offer letter. Please indicate to us whether or not you wish to accept your place by returning your completed Offer Reply Form to the Postgraduate Admissions Office.  Do not worry if you cannot meet all the conditions and requirements of your offer by this date.  At this stage we simply need to know if you intend to take up your place.  All conditions and requirements of your offer must be met before we can confirm your place on the course, and for international students, before we can issue a CAS.

You may request to defer your offer of a place until a later entry point date, up to one academic year from your initial application.  The Postgraduate Admissions team, in consultation with the relevant academic department as necessary, will then consider your request and confirm whether or not a deferral is possible in your case. If your deferral request is approved then you will receive a new offer letter in relation to the new course start date in due course.