What do I need to submit as financial evidence?

If you are in receipt of external funding then we will need to see confirmation of your scholarship or sponsorship.  If you are to be in receipt of funding from the Student Loans Company then we will need to see confirmation from them that your loan is in place.

To confirm a scholarship or employer sponsorship, you must provide a copy of the sponsorship approval letter confirming the sponsor's details and sponsorship amount(s).

Bonds that do not mature until after the course has commenced cannot be considered.  Deeds to property are not sufficient as they are not liquid assets.

Please note that the UKVI have specific requirements for international students who require a Student Visa. 

International Applicants

Most international applicants are required to provide evidence that they have the necessary funds to cover their tuition fees, their living costs (at the UKVI required level) and the living costs of any dependents (at the UKVI required level) before they can receive their CAS to apply for a Student Visa.  You will be advised as to whether or not you are required to submit this financial evidence in your course Offer Letter.

Satisfactory evidence, which meets UKVI requirements, must first be presented to the University, in order that we can assess it before issuing a CAS.  It must then also be submitted as part of the visa application process.

Further information about the financial requirements for international applicants, and applying for a visa outside the UK can be found at https://www.aber.ac.uk/en/sscs/visa-support-advice/visas-immigration/student-visa-outside-uk/.

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If you have queries regarding the UKVI financial evidence requirements, or how you can meet them, then you are welcome to contact the University's International Student Advisor at immigrationadvice@aber.ac.uk