Exam Advice

Revising can be a challenge.

Especially when there are a million and one distractions or a million and one other things you’d like to be doing instead.

But, it needs to be done and once the exams are over you’ll feel a great sense of achievement and relief!

Here are a few revision tips that can make the process less painful and more productive:

  1. Plan: rather than a last-minute panic, try and plan your revision out in advance to give yourself plenty of time and take the pressure off.
  2. Take breaks: you tend to learn better in chunks rather than cramming information in all in one sitting – so, break up your revision with regular intervals, like every half an hour.
  3. Past papers: look over past papers as they are a good indication of what could be in the exam and will help you focus on what you need to revise.
  4. Find your groove: everyone learns and revises differently so find what works for you – highlighting, colour coding, rewriting notes, re-watching lectures, mind maps, flashcards and more.
  5. Take care of yourself: try and get enough sleep, eat “brain nourishing” foods – like salmon, blueberries, avocados, nuts, seeds, etc., stay hydrated with 2-3 litres of water, listen to relaxing music, go for a walk or to the gym and allow time to do something fun.
  6. Remove distractions: if possible! It may be that you need to revise somewhere away from distractions, like at the library rather than your room. Or even consider deactivating (or deleting!) your social media for a while if you keep procrastinating.


Watch our “Revise with Aber” video for more tips and advice.