What is UCAS Extra?

UCAS Extra runs from 25th February to 4th July.

Extra is an opportunity for you to apply to university - including Aberystwyth - if you have used all 5 choices and are not holding any offers.

If you decide to decline any future offers you receive you can also apply through Extra.

If you do not receive any offers, even from your new choices, you can continue to apply though Extra until you do so, or up until the 4th July.

How to Apply:


  1. Use the UCAS Search Tool to find the course you want and contact the University to see if they will consider you
  2. Apply for the course by adding details in UCAS Hub
  3. Your application will then be considered by the University
  4. If you receive an offer, reply to it using UCAS Hub by either accepting or rejecting it, subject to you meeting any requirements


Watch our “UCAS in 4 easy steps” video or contact UG Admissions for further information.