Campus Tours

If you're considering applying to Aberystwyth and are not able to attend one of our Open Days, you are welcome to book a Campus Tour (you will be contacted by a member of staff by email to discuss arrangements following your booking).

The tours, which last for about an hour, provide you with an opportunity to visit our campus, ask questions, learn more about the University and get a taste of student life here at Aberystwyth. Family and friends are welcome to join the tour. We can show you our accommodation locations, but unfortunately you won’t be able to view inside the accommodation as our students will be in residence.

You may wish to extend your day by arranging to meet staff at your chosen academic department, subject to availability. You will need to arrange this appointment independently with the department. It’s best to phone the academic department to find out availability for an appointment on the day of your Campus Tour. You can find contact details for our academic departments here. Please inform your tour guide of your academic department appointment.

Campus Tour Dates

22nd February 2017

1st March 2017

8th March 2017

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