Internal Review

If you are dissatisfied with the University’s handling of your request, you can contact us to request an internal review.  If, for example: 

  • You did not receive all the information requested. 
  • You feel that exemptions have been wrongly applied. 
  • You feel that a fee has been wrongly charged. 
  • You did not receive a response within 20 working days. 

In line with guidance from the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), a request for an internal review must be submitted within 40 working days of the University’s final response.  

Before requesting an internal review, you may find the ICO’s guidance on your right to access information from a public body’ useful.   

How do I request a review?

You should contact the Information Governance Team in writing to request an internal review (see contact details below), giving full details of the original request, any response(s) you received and the reason(s) for your dissatisfaction.  

Acknowledgment & timescale

The University will send you an acknowledgment by email on receipt of your request for an internal review.  This will include the expected response date. We aim to respond to you within 20 working days, whilst aiming to deal with more complex reviews within 40 working days of receipt. 

Review panel

The review panel will comprise three senior members of staff, who were not involved in the original decision.

Scope of review

The review panel will reconsider all information gathered and decision(s) made during the initial handling of the request


The decision

On completion of the review, you will be informed of its outcome. 

An internal review can have the following outcomes: 

  1. The appeal is not upheld. 
  2. The appeal is upheld. 
  3. The appeal is partially upheld. 

Where the appeal is upheld (fully or partially), you will also be informed of when you can expect any (further) information requested to be provided. 

Further action

After you have received our response, if you are still dissatisfied, you can complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).