Short Course CPD by Online Distance Learning

We offer a select range of Short Courses for continuous professional development (CPD) by online Distance Learning.

Our CPD short courses have been awarded CILIP CPD Provider Recognition supporting CILIP’s Professional Knowledge and Skills Base (PKSB)


Our Courses

Specialist Short Courses for CPD on offer this year:



Benefits of our Courses

Our Distance Learning Short Courses for CPD are:

  • flexible — you can plan your own study schedule to study at your own pace (within the Short Course running time), and choose whether or not to complete the formal credit-bearing assessment
  • quality controlled – each course is developed, edited and produced by a team of subject and distance learning experts, and quality assured by University and relevant professional body review procedures
  • supported – underpinning your Short Course studies with us is a strong study support team that includes your Short Course tutor, study skills advisors providing support through an online skills service, the University’s vast range of online resources, and online forums to meet & chat with Short Course and other Distance Learners
  • work based — each Short Course is professionally relevant and designed to develop your knowledge and skills for specialist information workplaces. Completing the Short Course activities and exercises should enable you to reflect on your learning in relation to your workplace needs
  • interactive – although you study at your own pace, as part of your studies you will complete self-reflection activities to assess your understanding of the subject, and join online discussions and exercises

How do the short courses work?

CPD Short Courses (10 credit and 20 credit) run for up to five months at a time.

Once registered on the Short Course, you will be introduced to your Tutor and be able to access dedicated online support areas on our Blackboard VLE (Virtual Learning Environment). In the VLE you will be able to access the Short Course and download its specially designed learning resources. You will also have access to study skills advice and support, plus a vast range of University online resources*.

You choose your own study schedule to complete the course, within the months allowed.

For example, this means that you can study a 10 credit module in 6 weeks (approx. 16 hours a week study time) or 5 months (approx. 4 hours a week study time).

You can also choose whether or not to complete the formal credit-bearing assessment for the course. All assessment is through coursework, therefore you will not have to take examinations. (You do not need to make a decision about completing assessment until you have had a chance to start your Short Course studies).
At the end of the course you may receive either a ‘record of course participation’ or a credit-bearing ‘record of course completion’, depending on whether or not you successfully complete formal assessment for the Short Course.

* Please note: 

  • these Short Courses do not offer the same range of distance learning facilities that are available on a degree programme, and they are not individually accredited by relevant professional agencies.
  • some Short Course credits may be transferred to a recognised qualification e.g. Master’s programme (at the discretion of the Admissions Officer). However, for credit transfer, also note that:
    • a degree programme cannot be built entirely from CPD Short Course credits
    • only CPD credits that have been confirmed by an examination board can be used in transfer requests. This means that if you study a CPD Short Course, and later wish to apply for a qualification programme (e.g. Postgraduate Diploma), then the CPD Short Course must be successfully completed and its results validated by an examination board before you apply for the new programme with your request to transfer CPD credits into the new programme.

Who can apply?

Anyone** working in archive, library, governance, information, or related recordkeeping services, who also has:

  • a keen interest in the course subject area
  • broadband internet access
  • time to study the learning materials and take part in online activities and discussions

**Please note that a Short Course offer will be at the discretion of the Admissions Officers, who will also decide on the level of course offered i.e. undergraduate or postgraduate level.

When can I apply?

2023-2024 application dates:

1st September 2023 start date – application deadline is 21st August 2023.

8th January 2024 start date – application deadline is 1st December 2023.

1st April 2024 start date – application deadline is 1st March 2024.

How much does it cost?

For September 2023, January 2024, and April 2024, the fees are:

  • 10 credit Short Course fee (undergraduate and postgraduate) -  £535 (Pounds Sterling)
  • 20 credit Short Course fee (undergraduate and postgraduate)  - £965 (Pounds Sterling)

Please note that fees are reviewed annually, and September 2024 fees are yet to be confirmed.

About fees, please note that:

  1. if you have accepted an offer for a place, to access and start your course: you will need to register as a student, and buy the course via our online shop (successful applicants will be given advice about how to do this)
  2. if you are receiving sponsorship for this Short Course (e.g. from an employer), you will need to pay the Short Course fee yourself and then seek reimbursement directly from your sponsor.

How can I apply?

To apply please complete the Short Course Application Form.

This form should be completed and returned - with your reference - as soon as possible to either the Undergraduate or the Postgraduate Admissions Offices, depending on your chosen course: 

For further information, please contact the Department of Information Studies tel: (+/0)1970 622731 / 622189; e-mail: