Dr Christine Urquhart


Dr Christine Urquhart

Emeritus Senior Lecturer

Department of Information Studies

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After graduating in Chemistry from the University of Warwick, I spent a year doing VSO in Kathmandu, Nepal. After that 'Information Science' seemed an interesting career move and I did an MSc in Information Science at City University. After that I worked in a wide variety of organisations, including industrial consultancy, the electricity industry, and a pharmaceutical company. I then combined child care with a variety of part-time work. After running a College of Nursing library for a couple of years, I took the chance of a research post working for, but not at, Aberystwyth. I started lecturing at Aberystwyth in 1995, and became a Senior Lecturer in 2000. Since early 2009 I have focused on research work.

I enjoy the challenge of growing unusual plants.


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