Report on Service Standards 2021-22

  Standards Response on how IS have met the standards


  • Information Services provides a welcoming environment to support our users’ studies 
  • We have worked within COVID restrictions to provide user spaces within our libraries, and to ensure that staff are available online and face-to-face to support our users.


  • We aim to provide an initial response to 100% of enquiries to Information Services email addresses and social media presences within 3 days, however a response is usually sent within 24 hours (excluding weekends, University closed days and Bank Holidays)
  • Spot checks during sample weeks show that all enquiries to received a response within time specified.
  • We aim to answer 85% or more calls within core hours to Information Services on 01970 622400 
  • The percentage of answered calls to Information Services within core hours is 96.04%
  • IS webpages and FAQs aim to meet users’ needs


  • FAQ searches are reviewed regularly to ensure that the content matches the users' needs.
  • Library webpages have been reviewed and the number of pages has been cut down to ensure the information is current and correct.
  • We have worked with other departments in the university to share our FAQ service to make information easier to find for our users.

Help and Support

  • Help and support will be available 08:30-19:30 weekdays and 8.30-17.00 on weekends during term time
  • Help and support have been available as advertised on our webpages
  • All new students will be able to access induction sessions introducing Information Services facilities and services
  • All new students were offered an induction session. A "Library and IT Guide for new students: using our libraries" has been created and is promoted heavily during the run up to the new academic year and during the first few weeks of term
  • A Supporting your Learning module has been created in Blackboard for to help new and returning students to provide support to use essential services.
  • 90% or more of our customers will be satisfied with the quality of service received at the enquiry desks
  • Satisfaction levels on staff helpfulness have risen for undergraduates but have fallen for all other categories of users to 82%. The satisfaction levels for the quality of service has also fallen to 78%.

Availability of IT Resources

  • All core IT services will be available 99% of the time during working hours, with the majority of systems available 24/7 excluding planned maintenance periods
  • The core IT services have been available between 99%-100%
  • 95% of our public computers will be working at any time
  • We have made computers available to our users not only on campus, but by increasing the number of loan laptops, and providing access to software which was only available on computers on campus in our computer rooms to all users off-campus. COVID restrictions means that a number of our computers are not available on campus, but can be accessed remotely for access to software 
  • Information Services provides to AU staff and students, a fast and reliable wireless network that is available on campus and in all university student accommodation


  • Work continues to improve and extend the wireless coverage across campus, including some outdoor spaces, and plans include providing wifi to individual rooms in all University-owned residences

Availability of Library Resources

  • Physical books will be available to students and staff.
  • Users are able to browse the library shelves to find materials. We have retained our popular Click and Collect service, and postal loans are available to all Distance Learners
  • Information Services will improve the availability of course books and essential texts
  • We have invested extra resource into buying e-books for 2021-2022 academic year.
  • The click and collect service has been retained.
  • The postal loans services has been extended to all distance learners