Natasha - BSc Biology

Laboratory Technician, SAL

"I am currently working as a laboratory technician for a food testing company. In the lab I work in, produce is tested to see the levels of pesticides in them and whether they are safe or not. The Biology BSc is a broad course and I was able to choose from a wide range of modules which meant that I could ‘dip my toe’ into several different areas of the biological sciences and find out what I am most suited to. This provided me with a wide breadth of knowledge which I felt would enable me to apply for a large variety of jobs.
I was able to choose to do a heavily‌ ‌research-based dissertation which provided me with additional experience of lab work."

Philip - BSc Biology

Head of Flow Cytometry for the Medical Research Council at Hammersmith Hospital in London

"Studying Biology at Aberystwyth proved so enjoyable that when the opportunity arose, I opted for a PhD project in measuring microbial viability and vitality. I am now Head of Flow Cytometry for the Medical Research Council at Hammersmith Hospital in London.
Flow cytometry is a technique that can analyse and sort cells according to their phenotypic and functional properties. Using this technique the facility provides a diagnostic service to the hospital; CD4 counts in HIV infection, CD34+ precursor cell analysis and the analysis of leuco-depleted blood products, all of which require absolute counts for accurate diagnosis.
The clinical aspect of the job is gratifying; knowing the work I do will go directly towards helping care for individual patients, as ‌well as making significant advances in treatments for particular diseases.
Equally the research side is very challenging ‌and ‌gives me the ability to pursue areas of research that I am passionate about.‌"