Lucy - BSc Zoology

PhD student at the Royal Veterinary College

"Aberystrwyth is safe,  friendly - a home away from home and I loved living at the seaside, with the surrounding wildlife (including dolphins). The fabulous Zoology/Animal Behaviour department has unique biodiversity: a museum, an aquarium - need I say more? The department was extremely inspiring and I will forever be indebted for all the help and support I received.
I have an unconditional love for Aberystwyth, I fully enjoyed my 3 years there and I have Aberystwyth University to thank for everything I have succeeded in since. The perfect undergraduate degree is made up of a fabulous course, at an inspirational university, combined with the perfect seaside location and friendly atmosphere – these things together lead to a fulfilling and ‌satisfying university experience. Like all things you get back what you put in, and for me it was very hard to leave it all behind."

Hannah - BSc Zoology

PhD student at Oxford Brookes University

"I wouldn’t have got this PhD without my time at Aberystwyth: I found my interest in invertebrates, the genetics lectures I had were hugely important for both my project on Maui Parrotbill conservation and my PhD. I have also added to my interest in Animal Behaviour, in particular sperm competition, using sexual structures to identify to the sub species level.

The most important thing that I took away from Aberystwyth is the amazing people that I met there: the lecturers made it interesting and my friends made it fun."