Phil - BSc Genetics

PhD Student, University of York

Philip in lab"My role as a PhD student involves lab work, experimental design, report writing and presenting my data to other academics at conferences.
My course at Aberystwyth University prepared me for my PhD by challenging me to understand the core cellular and molecular principles integral to cellular function. My final year lab project provided me with an insight into independent research, from formulating hypotheses from current literature and data, to performing experiments to test hypotheses and manage time in the lab effectively. Writing my project report was a great experience in the importance of studying the background behind a project thoroughly, and applying the knowledge from that to your own data.
I began my course in Aberystwyth wanting to focus my studies on ecology and physiology, after only one or two lectures in genetics, I quickly became fascinated, to the point where I later changed my degree to specialise in genetics. What I’ve learned from interacting with other graduates is that the scope of teaching at IBERS is much broader, giving a much better understanding of the fundamentals of biology than other courses. This has helped me remain a diverse scientist throughout my PhD."

Roger - Life Sciences then BSc in genetics and Biochemistry

Professor of Neuroscience, Monash University, Copenhagen

roger pocock in lab"My present job involves running a neuroscience research laboratory. This involves acquiring funding for the research, training and motivating students and postdocs, writing research papers and travelling to present our research at conferences and other institutions abroad.
My degree in genetics and Biochemistry gave me a good grounding which prepared me very well for my PhD studies. In fact, one of the modules in gene expression and development genetics inspired me to work in the area of Developmental Biology, which is what I work on today.
I will be eternally grateful for the chance I was given and the quality of the teaching I received."