Phill - BSc Sport and Exercise Science

Lecturer in Clinical Exercise Science, Bournemouth University

Phill lecturing"When choosing where to study Sport and Exercise Science Aberystwyth stood out due to the top quality laboratories, beautiful location and the friendly atmosphere I experienced on an open day. It really isn’t an understatement to describe the department as having a family feel which is a huge benefit of its size. The lecturers and teaching postgraduates were approachable, helpful and insightful and this pushed me on o pursue a Masters the year after graduating. The town is vibrant and friendly due to the student numbers and it really was a great three years.
Since completing my studies I have been involved in a wide variety of jobs and events. I have worked with Marathon de Sables competitors, ultra-endurance athletes, spent two seasons at AFC Bournemouth as a 1st Team Recruitment Analyst under Eddie Howe and now work as a lecturer in Clinical Exercise Science at Bournemouth University.
I am also ‌in ‌business ‌with two of my classmates‌ from Aberystwyth providing sport science support to athletes and teams across‌ the ‌UK."

Rhiana - BSc Sport and Exercise Science

Trainee GP

Rhianna in hospital room"From a young age I enjoyed sport, so it seemed a natural progression to study the subject in more depth and apply science to understand elements of elite performance. I chose Aberystwyth to do this, not only for its reputation in Sport and Exercise Science, but also for its location - there is quite simply no other place like it! The position on the seafront is stunning and the atmosphere between students is special. To this day it is still one of the most friendliest places I have ever been.
Throughout the course I really enjoyed the applied physiology and sports medicine modules, so much so that I decided to try and fulfil a childhood dream of becoming a doctor (something I never thought myself capable of until my time at Aberystwyth) and embarked on 3 years of postgraduate training to become a GP in August 2015. My sport and exercise foundation has really helped in my career thus far, and I am hoping that when I become a GP I can combine both skill sets to help local sports teams/individuals in the future!"