Can International Students study part-time?

Students can study a part-time course under Tier 4 (General) leave that leads to a Master’s level or above qualification, however, the UKVI imposes a number of restrictions which may mean that it is not a suitable visa route for your course or may not be an appropriate visa for you to hold.  

The Tier 4 requirements, including attendance monitoring and reporting duties, and applications process for a part-time visa are the same as for full-time students but the visa is more restrictive as you cannot:

  • Undertake any work in the UK work (including paid or unpaid work, placements, internships or any other work experience). This means that you cannot obtain a part-time Tier 4 visa for any course that requires a placement or work experience. 
  • Work remotely for an overseas company while in the UK.
  • Bring family members with you the UK as visa dependents.

Overseas students are able to study research courses part-time without requiring a Tier 4 visa and will be expected to attend the University for the equivalent of one week in every academic year. The student is advised to agree a schedule of attendance with this supervisor and the relevant Head of Department. You will need to apply for a Short Term Study Visa in advance of visiting the University.

For additional advice and guidance on the visa options for part-time study please contact the International Student Adviser (