Parents and Guardians

What is the Scheme?

Signpost Mentoring is a scheme provided through the Department of Student Support and Careers Services to assist students who may need a bit of extra help with day to day university life.

Signpost Mentoring offers friendly, confidential, one-to-one advice on any aspect of university life by students for students.

"I just found it really helpful to be able to confide in someone who had completed this process before I had. -Signpost Mentee

Signpost Mentoring is primarily targeted at new students with the aim of helping our students to integrate into student life. However the scheme is available to all of our students who wish to apply. You could therefore suggest that your child/dependent takes a look at our ‘Will Signpost help me?’ section on the Mentees page to see if Signpost Mentoring will help.

"As an Italian Erasmus student, Signpost Mentoring helped me with how the UK assessment works. I would have been lost without it." -Signpost Mentee

As a parent or guardian we know that you will want to ensure the best possible help and support for your child. If you think that they could benefit from the Signpost Mentoring scheme but are unlikely to apply directly themselves please feel free to contact us with any queries or concerns. Alternatively you could discuss this by contacting Student Support Services on or call direct on 01970 621761.

You could also look at the Student Support Services web pages to see if there is anything else offered by the university which may be of benefit.

If you have any questions please contact us or see our FAQs