What are the living costs?

Details of the Typical Living Costs incurred by a student living in Aberystwyth can be found at: https://www.aber.ac.uk/en/sscs/advice-info-money/managing-money/typical-costs/. 

International applicants should note that the UKVI will require evidence that you have or are able to cover your tuition fees plus an additional £9,207 to satisfy the finance requirement (i.e. for living costs).  Additional funds will be required if you are intending to have any dependents attached to your Student Visa. Please be aware that the financial evidence that the UKVI may ask you to provide in relation to your visa application must show that all funds have been available to you for a minimum period of 28 continuous days on the day that you present it to us or them.  Please see https://www.aber.ac.uk/en/sscs/visa-support-advice/visas-immigration/student-visa-outside-uk/#how-do-i-prove-i-have-enough-money-for-my-visa-application for further information about the financial evidence required.