Mathematics Departmental Scholarships

Up to £500 a year

Our Department of Mathematics offers Departmental Scholarships to high achieving applicants to their courses. These awards are worth up to £500 a year.

How can I apply?

There is no need to apply - all applicants will be considered automatically.  To qualify, applicants must either be in receipt of a University Entrance Scholarship in the relevant subject or achieve a grade A* in A-level Mathematics.

The number of awards available is variable, and allocations will be determined by the Department's Awarding Panel.

The awards are worth £500 a year for single honours courses within the Department (or major:minor courses with the major in the relevant Department) and £250 for joint honours courses. For joint honours applicants, it is possible to receive an award from both Departments.

Awards are retained provided an exam average of 70% or above is achieved in the relevant subject modules each year.