Policy on making reasonable adjustments for applicants sitting the Entrance Scholarship examinations

We are happy to make reasonable adjustments for candidates wishing to sit the University’s Entrance Examinations who have specific requirements.  Arrangements will normally be the same as candidates receive for their school/college examinations, as approved by their Examinations Officer, and can include the following: 

  • Provision of 25% additional time
  • Use of designated rooms or workstations
  • Use of assistive technologies (including P.C. but not including internet access)
  • Use of a standard toolbar spell checker
  • Provision of an amanuensis or reader
  • Rest breaks
  • Use of coloured overlays
  • Papers in alternative formats (e.g. Braille) 

This list is not exhaustive as arrangements are intended to be responsive to individual needs.  Furthermore, some candidates may require a combination of arrangements. 

It is the responsibility of the individual candidate to bring his or her requirements to the attention of the University and their Examinations Officer at the earliest possible opportunity.  Adjustments must be both reasonable in accordance with the demands of equality legislation and practical to implement within the time available (no fewer than seven working days before the examination).  Where it is not practical to make adjustments within the time available or where requests are received later than seven working days before the examination it will not normally be possible to implement adjustments and it may be necessary for the candidate to undertake the examination without any adjustment.

Where adjustments are put in place, thus ensuring all candidates are assessed on an equal basis with their peers, there will normally be no requirement to take further account of the candidate’s needs when marking papers.

The University will require schools/colleges to confirm by email that the adjustments are in line with those usually made for the candidate when sitting examinations and are necessary as a result of a long standing impairment/health issues for which evidence has been provided to the school - scholarships@aber.ac.uk