Important Information

  1. It is possible to hold an Entrance Scholarship or Merit Award together with any, or all, of the other awards we offer;
  2. Each Scholarship and Bursary has its own terms and conditions;
  3. Students deferring their entry will be entitled to receive Scholarships/Bursaries at the level publicised for the year of application (rather than the year of entry in the case of deferred applications);
  4. Awards are only payable to students studying for a full degree at Aberystwyth (not transferring into years 2 or 3 of the course).
  5. Payments will continue for the tenure of the award subject to continued eligibility (payments are not made during repeat years, with the exception of the Aberystwyth Bursary);
  6. Awards are paid whilst students are registered as full-time and full fee-paying. Payments will not be made during years abroad, years in employment, sandwich years etc.;
  7. Most payments are made twice annually direct into students’ bank accounts. It is the award holders’ responsibility to provide valid bank details when requested to do so. Failure to provide bank details by the specified date will result in payments being withheld. Where bank details have not been provided by the specified date, the award holder will not be entitled to receive that year’s payment. Subsequent years’ payments may continue if the award holder provides their bank details by the specified date in subsequent years;
  8. Payments for students who temporarily withdraw will resume from the start of the next full term in which they recommence their studies (any remaining payment from the term in which they withdrew will not be repaid);
  9. Please note that if you become indebted to the University, Scholarship and Bursary payments will be withheld and set against any outstanding debt;
  10. If a student permanently withdraws from their studies before 1st December, the entire first instalment of any award will be reclaimed by the Finance Department. If a student permanently withdraws from their studies between 1st December and 2nd March, the entire second instalment of any award will be reclaimed by the Finance Department. Failure to repay any award in such an instance could result in a referral to the University’s debt collection agency;
  11. The information contained in this brochure is only applicable to applicants who will undertake their studies in Aberystwyth, and does not apply to students studying franchised or validated programmes delivered by our partners.