Terms and Conditions

  1. Scholarship holders are required to be active members of the Aberystwyth University Music Centre, and be members of two music groups as per the Scholarship regulations and by arrangement with the Director of Music;
  2. Regular and committed attendance at rehearsals and performances is required;
  3. Scholarship holders provide help in promoting the music profile of the University and may be asked to assist in other schemes which involve the promotion of the University (e.g. Open Days, Visiting Days) where appropriate;
  4. Please note that payments will not be made during the years or terms abroad, years in employment, sandwich years, repeat years etc.;
  5. Study must be on a full-time basis;
  6. Postgraduate holders of the Scholarship may continue to receive the benefits as long as they are full-time students;
  7. Music Scholarships may be held with any other undergraduate award.