Veterinary Science (BVSc)

Applicants to the Veterinary Science (BVSc) course follow a specific path for accessing bursaries. We are pleased to offer the following:

  • Means-tested Bursaries, based on a household income assessment
  • Vet Start Bursaries - open to applicants who received their secondary education in Wales
  • Welsh Medium Study Bursaries - for students studying 5 or more credits through the medium of Welsh
  • Bilingual EMS Bursaries - for undertaking at least 6 weeks of work placement in a Welsh or bilingual Welsh/English environment 
  • Achievement Bursaries - for students who demonstrate they can achieve academically while also showing leadership and service outside the academic environment.
  • Vision Bursaries – for students who are high achievers and who can articulate a clear vision for solving challenges facing the veterinary profession in Wales.

Students are encouraged to apply for as many bursaries as they wish but the university reserves the right to prioritise applications from students who have not already received one of the Vet School awards.

Students enrolled on the Veterinary Science course also have access to the full range of services offered by our Student Support and Careers Services, including the Hardship Fund.


RVC means-tested Bursary

These are administered by the Royal Veterinary College. Please refer to Royal Veterinary College means-tested Bursary.

Vet Start Bursaries - £500

If you attended secondary school or college in Wales, you can request your Head of Sixth Form to nominate you for a Vet Start Bursary worth £500 during your first year of study.  We have 4 of these bursaries available, with 2 being reserved for first language Welsh speakers.

In order to be considered, your school/college must submit a nomination outlining your suitability for an award by 31 July 2021.  Submissions should be made on our online application form which will be available on this page soon.

Welsh Medium Study Bursaries - £400 a year

Students who register on modules including at least 5 credits through the medium of Welsh, and who submit designated assignments in Welsh, will receive £400 for each year they do so.

There is no need to apply for this bursary - it will be awarded automatically to eligible students.

Bilingual EMS Bursary - £500 over 2 years

This bursary is available to students who undertake at least 6 weeks of their 12-week Animal Husbandry Extra-Mural Studies (AHEMS) experience in a Welsh or bilingual Welsh/English environment. Placement hosts will certify the Welsh-medium aspects and students will be able to submit a claim for payment once the six weeks are certified and completed.

Achievement Bursaries - £500

There will be 4 bursaries for students who can demonstrate they are not only able to achieve academically, but who also excelled at leadership and/or service before they attended university. An application form will be available online from 01 August 2021 and will need to be submitted online before 30 September 2021. Successful students will be notified during the first three months of the new semester.

Vision Bursaries - £500

There will be 4 bursaries for students who complete an assignment at the start of their second year addressing a key issue facing the veterinary profession in Wales. Details will be provided to students in May 2022 and the award will be made in December 2022.