Staff and Student Engagement

We understand that sustainability and stewardship are of major concern to many of our students and staff, which is why we not only encourage behavioural change through university-run initiatives, but also value the impact that staff and students have on environmental and sustainability awareness. See some examples below:

Student Engagement & Evaluations


Click here to see all of our past, current and upcoming sustainability events. 

Student Engagement and Evaluations

In conjunction with sustainability events, students are involved in the tracking and evaluation of university activity.

The Students Union have achieved the highest Green Impact standard in 2022-23, through initiatives such as promoting the use second-hand clothing/cookware through the Free Hub, environmental awareness training and through setting up an active working group.

Staff Inductions

All new staff are required to undertake an induction course on environmental awareness training, among other subjects, so that sustainability stays integral to all university activities and to provide a baseline of environmental consciousness. 

By 2025, we aim to have all senior decision makers receive carbon literacy training. This will ensure carbon emissions and its impacts are considered before any major works are undertaken by the university. 

Engagement Across the University

Sustainability Forum

To encourage communication surrounding sustainability across the university, AU has a monthly sustainability forum where representatives from individual departments, student representatives and trade union members (Currently a member of the UCU) can attend, allowing input from all areas of the university in addition to receiving feedback and suggestions. 

Sustainability Committee

The Sustainability Committee meets 3 times annually, and senior decision makers across the university attend to oversee the agreeing of policies, strategies, objectives, key performance indicators and action plans as well as monitoring progress against each for the areas linked to the Universities Target of carbon Neutrality by 2030/31 as well as wider environment and sustainability improvement objectives, including: 

  • Carbon & Utilities 
  • Biodiversity and Conservation 
  • Waste 
  • Single use plastics 
  • Food 
  • Transport 
  • Sustainability in the Curriculum 
  • Procurement 
  • Projects & construction 
  • IT 
  • Pollution Prevention 
  • Staff and student engagement 

Health, Safety and Environment Committee

The Health, Safety & Environment Committee meets 5 times annually, with input from 3 Trade Union safety representatives in addition to an elected student union representative.

Topics considered and discussed include:

  • Annual reporting and audits on HS&E
  • Review of the terms of references
  • HS&E guidance, strategies, policy and procedures

See our Health, Safety and Environment Internal Audit Terms of Reference for more information.