Travel and Transport

With over 10,000 students and staff, Aberystwyth recognises the role transport can have on negatively influencing the environment. Consequently, Aberystwyth has invested in improving the local infrastructure for walking and cycling to, from, and between campuses, as well as bike storage and shower facilities. We have also recently introduced electric bike charging points. 

Travel Audit: 2022-2023

Find our 2022-2023 travel audit summary on our Environmental Impacts and Audits webpages.

Policies, Guidance and Travelling Overseas

Whether staff or student, there are ways both individuals and AU can help to reduce emissions related to travelling. 

Travel Policy

Read our updated travel policy here: AU Travel Policy.

One of AU's goals is to reduce total business travel emissions by at least 54% by 2030. 

Our travel policy includes the following to help us achieve this goal and reduce carbon emissions associated with travel:

  • Ensuring consideration of the travel hierarchy before undertaking a journey to see if travel could be avoided or minimised. 
  • Flights between mainland Britain are not permitted, except for extenuating circumstances (see policy for more details).
  • All travel funded by the university is booked through the university's travel management company to help monitor and make efficiencies where possible of carbon emissions. 

Global Opportunities - Sustainability

Global Opportunities Sustainability Pledge

Finding the balance between exploring the world and being sustainably smart can be tricky, which is why we encourage students travelling abroad to sign the GO sustainability pledge.

This aims to encourage students to prioritise lower-emission travel routes, shop locally, take part in community conscious activities and minimise purchase and use of single-use items.  

Sign the pledge here


GO Green Challenge 

In addition to signing the pledge, students wanting to travel sustainably can apply for the GO Green Challenge, which can provide additional funding to help cover expenses. 

Find out how to apply and eligibility criteria here. 

General Guidance

General Guidance 

Read our travel guidance pages for general information regarding:

  • Travel procedures and guidance
  • Travelling abroad
  • Business bookings
  • Risk assessments

Travel To, From and Around Campus

Bus Pass

The University works closely with Mid Wales Travel to provide the cheapest means of local, environmentally friendly public transport. Students and Staff can purchase a Bus Pass which will give them unlimited travel in Aberystwyth and discounted travel in Mid Wales.

The passes are available from the Students Union.


In order to cater for cycling to, from, and around campus, Aberystwyth University provides a range of facilities.

There are several bike repair stands across campus, which include free air pumps and a range of common tools to get cyclists back on the move.

There are showers and changing facilities at several locations across campus, including IBERS. International Politics Building, Sports Hall, Sports Cage, Parry Williams Building, and Y Sgubor. There are also showers at the New IBERS building on Gogerddan, Vicarage Fields, and Blaendolau.

Cycle racks and shelters for bikes are located outside many of the buildings across Penglais campus.

The university also offers secure bike enclosures, conveniently situated on campus next to the halls of residences at Cwrt Mawr, Penbryn and Ffern Penglais. Secure bike storage is free and can be applied for through residences.

For those registered to use Secure Cycle Storage, the university offers a free bike wash situated at Fferm Penglais. The wash operates on tokens which can be obtained from the Accommodation Office in Y Sgubor, Fferm Penglais.

More information on secure cycle storage and bike wash facilities is available on residences pages.

Aberystwyth University is a proud participate in a cycle to work scheme, allowing staff to help spread the cost of a bike and equipment.

Electric Bike Charging

As part of wider efforts to encourage more sustainable forms of transport, Aberystwyth University has installed free to use electric bike charging stations in three cycle shelters across Penglais campus.

These chargers are free to use, and cyclists can either remove the battery from their bike and place it on charge, securely on a shelf inside the station, or they can run the charging cable from the station directly to the battery on their bike. 

How to lock the charging station door:

  • Close the door and enter any 4 digit User Code (e.g. 1,2,3,4)
  • Turn the handle to lock

Unlocking the charging station door:

  • Re-enter your User Code (e.g. 1,2,3,4)
  • Turn the handle to unlock 

If you require assistance please contact Campus Security on 01970 622900.

Electric Vehicle Charging

In order to support the growing use of electric vehicles, Aberystwyth University has installed electric vehicle chargers at several sites across the University estate. All chargers are accompanied by detailed signage illustrating operation.

7kW Chargers

There are currently four 7kW chargers on the Penglais Campus. 3 7kW chargers are in Hugh Owen car park, opposite Tamed Da. Another 7kW charger is located in Physics car park.

  • To use these Pod-point Chargers:
  • Download the Podpoint app (
  • Plug in Cable
  • Select Pod Point in the App
  • Confirm Charge

Please note that the charge will stop if you do not confirm within 15 minutes

More information and chargers can be found on the Pod Point website.

50kW Charger

A BP Chargemaster 50kW rapid charger can be found in Penbryn car park. (Please note that while the charger services two bays, only one charge can be delivered at one time)

To use the BP Chargemaster charger follow the on-screen instructions.

Locations of other chargers can be found on the BP Chargemaster website.

Travel & Transport Map