Accommodation Fees

Is there a deposit to pay?

There is no deposit to pay.

There is, however, an online payment of an Acceptance Fee equivalent to 7 night's rent which is payable during completion of your Occupation Contract.

This will convert to a pre-payment of the Accommodation Fee and will be utilised as such on the first due date.

How exactly do we pay for the accommodation? Do our student loans contribute to it in anyway?

Your accommodation fees can be paid in one single payment or by a maximum three instalments in; October, January and April.

You pay for the accommodation fees via direct debit in instalments. These instalments fall in line with payments from the Student Loans Company. You can take out a maintenance loan to help pay for your living expenses.

See our Student Loans page for more information -

Student Fees Enquiries Email:

Phone: +44 (0)1970 62 2043 (Between 09:00 & 16:00 Monday to Friday)

What is the difference between an acceptance fee and a deposit?

At the start of the occupation period, which can be found in your Accommodation Occupation Contract, the Acceptance Fee, which is the equivalent of 7 days rent, automatically converts to a pre-payment of rent. Further details can be found in clause 6 of the Accommodation Occupation Contract, found at the back of the Residents’ Handbook.

How much is the Acceptance Fee?

The Acceptance Fee is equivalent to 7 nights' rent and will vary from residence to residence. 

Please see our Accommodation Fees page for information on nightly rates.

When / how do I need to pay the Acceptance Fee?

The acceptance fee must be paid by the deadline date stated in your Occupation Contract. This fee is the equivalent of 7 nights' rent, and is a pre-payment towards your rent.

You can pay by credit / debit card using our secure online payment system which is within the Accommodation Portal.


How much does accommodation cost?

Each residence varies in price – see our Accommodation Fees webpage for further details.

Here you can also see what your accommodation fees include.

What happens if I can't / don't pay my accommodation fees?

Enquiries regarding the payment of Accommodation Fees can be made to the Student Fees Enquiries Email:

Phone: +44 (0)1970 62 2043 (Between 09:00 & 16:00 Monday to Friday)

The University will adopt standardised collection procedures that encourages students to pay on time. However, if a student fails to honour agreements to pay, proportionate and fair action will be taken to encourage settlement of the debt and as a deterrent to others. This will include the imposition of like for like sanctions, referral of the debt to external collection agents and, as a last resort, action taken through the courts for the recovery of the debt. Preview

Am I liable for my flatmates' rent if they don't pay?

Our Contracts are not joint and several so you are only liable for your rent and no one else’s. 

Is there a deadline for applying for student loans?

This will depend on who you are applying to – check out our student loans page to find information on loans - 

What are the dates for the rent instalments? Is the rent due weekly or in lump payments?

Your accommodation fees/rent is paid instalments. You can choose to pay in 1,2 or 3 instalments.

The instalments are taken in October, January and April to coincide with student loan payments.

For further information, visit the accommodation fees page-