Accommodation Options

Is there accommodation available for students with accessibility / disability / health conditions?

The University welcomes students with accessibility / disability / health conditions and endeavours to put appropriate support in place.

Please ensure you include this information on the Accessibility / Disability / Health section on your Accommodation application form.

With your consent, we will then pass this information onto the Accessibility Services within Student Support who will assess your needs. Evidence will then be required to support your application. Once this has been passed to Student Support, they will review it and advise us on the most appropriate type of accommodation for you.

The Accessibility Services can be contacted by: / 01970 621761. 

What Welsh Medium Residences are available?

We have dedicated accommodation available for students who are Welsh speakers or learners and would like to live in a Welsh speaking environment.

For more information on your Welsh Medium Residences, please see Accommodation Options webpage.

Is University Accommodation available over the summer?

We do offer University Accommodation over the summer however, you will need to apply for it and you may be required to move out of your term-time residence.

Please see our summer accommodation webpage for further details. 

Where can I get food if I am living in catered or part-catered accommodation, or if I have a meal plan option?

You are able to get food from any of our University outlets; please see the Hospitality Services webpage for a list of all outlets. 

Can I live with my partner in university accommodation?

No, all of our residences are single occupancy and therefore cannot be shared – we do not offer family accommodation.

Additionally, we cannot provide non-registered students with accommodation.