Moving out

Can I move out early?

You can move out of your accommodation before the end of your Contract, however, you will still be charged up until the end of your Contract and you will still be responsible for the cleanliness of any communal areas.

What happens if I withdraw from university?

We can only accommodate registered students in University accommodation. Therefore if you decide to withdraw from University you must inform the Accommodation Office immediately as well as completing the necessary withdrawal forms from Student Support and your Academic Department (if applicable).

We can only release you from your Occupation Contract once confirmation of your withdrawal has been received by us from the Academic Office - you will then be charged until the date you moved out / reimbursed for any extra fees you have paid (where applicable). If you leave your room without telling us or your withdrawal is rejected, you will still be charged for your accommodation. 

Do I have to move out over Christmas and Easter Break?

If you have booked a room in Pantycelyn, you will have to move out over Christmas and Easter breaks.

If you are in any other halls, you can stay in accommodation for the full duration of your Contract and do not have to move out until your Contract has ended. To check when your Contract ends, please log into the Accommodation Portal

Can you provide me with a reference for my new landlord?

We do not provide any student with a reference; however you can provide a copy of your Occupation Contract to provide evidence of your contract length, by logging into the Accommodation Portal.