YES Step-by-Step

Step 1

Read the YES Fact Sheet.pdf to check you’re eligible to participate in YES and to ensure you understand all the implications of taking part in the Scheme.

Step 2

Visit the Careers Service to find out more, discuss any questions you may have and to help you to decide whether YES is a good option for you. Also, if you’re not sure about the type of work you’d like to do or the sector you’d like to work in, check out the career areas that relate to the subject you’re studying and also consider making an appointment to see one of our Careers Consultants to discuss your ideas and get help with this decision.

Step 3

If you decide YES is for you, complete and return the YES Registration Form.doc. 

On receipt of your registration form, the Careers Service will request from your academic department approval ‘in principle’ for you to take part in YES.

Step 4

Search for a placement. Start looking as early as possible. Many opportunities are advertised from September and continue to be advertised right up to the following August, just before the placement is due to start! But some placements have short deadlines, e.g. before January each year, so the earlier you start your search the more opportunities will be available to you.

The Careers Service can provide a wealth of information and resources. A good starting point is our AberConnections online portal, which advertises a huge range of opportunities. Our Finding Work Experience webpage will also direct you to useful sources of placement information.

Our Careers Service staff can also offer a range of help and guidance in person, for example:

  • You might want to make a speculative enquiry to an organisation you’re really interested in.
  • Or you might have been asked to complete an application form or send a CV and covering letter that you need help with, or which needs to be checked first.
  • Maybe an employer has asked you to attend an interview or an assessment centre that you need to prepare for.

These are all things we’d be glad to help you with! So please use the drop-in service in the Careers Service office in the Students’ Union building (Penglais) as much as you wish but also arrange to see one of our Careers Consultants on a 1:1 basis if you need to. Drop-in sessions are also available in your department.

It's also a good idea to attend any workshops delivered by the Careers Service on how to find work experience, and on other topics such as completing application forms – these will be advertised in the Events section of AberConnections; we also send out email notifications when these have been scheduled.

Step 5

Keep up the momentum! We’ll keep in touch with you too to update you on whether approval ‘in principle’ for you to participate in YES has been received from your Head of Department but also to check how you’re getting on and to suggest placement opportunities that you could consider. But remember, it’s your responsibility overall to arrange your placement.

Step 6

Secure a placement. Congratulations! Please complete and return the YES Notification of Placement Form.doc as soon as soon as possible. We’ll check the details and request final confirmation from your Head of Department that you can participate in YES. Once this has been received, we’ll confirm to the University’s Academic Quality & Records Office that you are taking part in YES and they will update your student record and notify the Student Loans Company. We’ll keep you posted and make sure you’re informed when everything is in place for you to proceed with taking part in YES.