Part-time or term-time work

Not only will a part-time job help you earn extra cash, it can also provide valuable work experience to support future applications to graduate and other opportunities. It will demonstrate to recruiters that you are able to balance work with study commitments, in addition to helping you develop and provide evidence of your work and transferable skills.

Casual / part-time vacancies are regularly advertised on our online portal ABERcareers.

Where else can you look for part-time jobs?

Notices placed in the windows or community noticeboards of shops, cafés and other businesses - or just call in and leave your CV for the manager, with a request to be considered for any current or future vacancies

Social media - local groups and the pages / accounts of individual businesses, employers and JobCentre Plus

AberWorks run by Human Resources, AberWorks offers roles in a range of professional services and academic departments. For more information, click here or contact 


Local newspapers and publications, such as the Cambrian News

safleswyddi and part-time roles through the medium of Welsh

National Library of Wales

Ceredigion County Council

Hywel Dda Health Board 'bank' positions as well as temporary / permanent part-time positions


Marks & Spencer



If you have any concerns as to the legitimacy of a vacancy you find online, you are welcome to email the details to us at for a second opinion.

Hours of work - recommendations

We advise that full-time students work no more than 15 hours per week during term-time to avoid a negative impact on academic studies. The university holidays provide a good opportunity to work additional hours and to save money for term-time.

We also advise that you try to cut back on part-time work during exam times and around other key deadlines, to enable you to focus 100% on your all-important assessments.

If you are an international student please remember that the number of hours you may work, and your entitlement to work during your studies, may depend upon your visa. For more information please visit UKCISA.

Further information

Have a look at this recording of our webinar Finding part-time work in Aberystwyth.

Information on national minimum wage, income tax, national insurance numbers and working hours can be found on GOV.UK.