What is ABERforward?

ABERforward placements are paid learning opportunities designed to support those seeking to build their work-readiness, confidence in the workplace, work-related skills, career focus, and ability to recognise and articulate what they have to offer graduate and other employers.

Information for placement providers

Information for Aberystwyth University students and recent graduates Please review the following guidance:

Who can take part?

You will be eligible to apply to placements up to and including July 2023 if you are, or were, a Home/UK student, and:

  • are currently in your final year of an undergraduate degree at Aberystwyth University and due to graduate in Summer 2023, or
  • graduated from an undergraduate degree at Aberystwyth University in Summer 2022, or
  • graduated from an undergraduate degree at Aberystwyth University in Summer 2022 and commenced a 1-year Masters degree at Aberystwyth University in Autumn 2022, or
  • graduated from an undergraduate degree at Aberystwyth University in Summer 2020 or Summer 2021 and are registered with the Careers Service’s Career-Readiness Support Programme

Placement format

You can take part in either Option 1 or Option 2 below (but not both):

  • Option 1: paid, full-time placement for 4 weeks in an Aberystwyth University department, taking place 3-28 July 2023
  • Option 2: paid, flexible placement in an Aberystwyth University department or with another employer, taking place between February and July 2023, worked full-time or part-time according to your and the placement provider’s needs

Please note: the above eligibility criteria and placement format will be reviewed in the Spring and any updates regarding placements starting in August 2023 or later will be shared on this web page.


Please complete our short online form to register your interest. If you are eligible to apply, we will email you further detailed information about the scheme.

Not eligible?

ABERforward is just one of many local, national and international work experience opportunities that are available. If you are not eligible to apply to ABERforward, please make an appointment to see one of our Careers Consultants who can guide you in reviewing the skills and experience you have gained to date and exploring other placement options. Just email careers@aber.ac.uk or book an appointment via our ABERcareers portal.

If you’re interested in opportunities abroad, please also contact the Global Opportunities team, who can provide information about different options but also about what financial support may be available.

Or, if you’re looking for part-time / casual employment within the University, please check out the AberWorks scheme managed by the University’s Human Resources department.

Information for placement providers

Could you offer a placement, with the salary funded, or subsidised by ABERforward? Or would you just like further information about how the Scheme works?

University staff

Other employers and organisations