EU funding boost for climate change research

30 July 2020

Three major research projects involving Aberystwyth University scientists have been awarded additional European Union funding of €4.5m (£3.9m).

New platform helps protect and restore threatened mangroves

28 July 2020

A new interactive tool to help conserve and restore the world’s mangrove forests has been launched by a team of international scientists including Aberystwyth University.

‘Sweeping success’ for Aberystwyth University in Welsh awards

16 July 2020

Aberystwyth University is celebrating after its lecturers won almost every award for excellence in Welsh-medium education this year.

Drones capture Greenland ice sheet fracturing as meltwater lake drains

11 December 2019

Aberystwyth University researchers have contributed to a study investigating how the world’s second-largest ice sheet, and the single largest contributor to global sea level rise, is responding to the catastrophic drainage of large meltwater lakes that form on its surface.

Aberystwyth University declares climate emergency and commits to reducing fossil fuel investments

25 November 2019

Aberystwyth University has joined organisations around the world in declaring a climate emergency and has taken steps to reduce its investments in fossil fuels.

What life was like in mental hospitals in the early 20th century

25 November 2019

Writing in The Conversation, Dr Elizabeth Gagen from the Department of Geography and Earth Sciences, creates a portrait of Cefn Coed Hospital, which operated in Wales between 1932-2018, and provides a unique insight into life at a mental hospital.

Aberystwyth University pledge to reduce its use of single use plastic

22 October 2019

Aberystwyth University has pledged to continually reduce its use of single use plastic.