Facilities with EOED:

EOED has a wide range of high-tech facilities including, which are available to all members of the group and for MSc and undergraduate dissertations.

Computing Facilities:

  • A dedicated research laboratory with high performance Mac OSX and PC work stations.
  • A dedicated 22 seat teaching laboratory with high performance due boot Windows and Linux system.
  • 100 Tb of dedicated storage.
  • 2Tb dedicated hihg FTP
  • Dedicated high performance processing UNIX 12 core machines
  • Access to the High Performance Computing (HPC) centre for Wales (HPC Wales).

Field Equipment:

  • ASD FieldSpec 4 spectroradiometer with full range of 350 – 2500 nm.
  • ASD HandHeld 2 Portable Spectroradiometer with range of 325-1075 nm.
  • Leica ScanStation terrestrial laser scanner
  • Leica and Trimble GPS and total station survey instruments
  • Quadcopter UAV with Go Pro video camera
  • Black, White and Grey Calibration targets

Commercial Software:

  • Erdas Imagine
  • eCognition
  • Gamma
  • ArcGIS
  • ISIS flood modelling software
  • Lecia Cyclone

Support Free and Open Source Software:

  • RSGISLib (developed in house)
  • SPDLib (developed in house)
  • ARCSI (developed in house)
  • KEALib (developed in house)
  • TuiView (developed with collaborators)
  • RIOS (developed by collaborators)
  • ORFEO Toolbox (OTB)
  • QGIS (CPD courses available)
  • GDAL