PhDs with EOED

If you’re looking for a PhD project with the EOED email one of the academic members of the group, please contact Bunting, Pete, or Andrew Hardy to help build a proposal.

See "PhD Opportunities" for further information about applications and funding opportunities. 

Current PhD Projects:

Katie Awty-Carrol: "Land use monitoring through temporal modelling"

Elikana John: "A Forest Monitoring System for Tanzania: Mapping Change and Extent"

Liliana Villamor: "Monitoring in-field crop anomalies using satellite imagery and histogram analysis in Colombia and Peru"

Sebastien Chognard: "Ground and near ground dataretrieving for land cover and change maps, validation through a dedicated phone app and deep learning"

Patryk Poslajko: "Using Earth observation data for developping models to translate current research into evidence for robust policy development within the Welsh forestry sector"

Heather Kay: "Forest height and canopy density: Investigating their relationships and biophysical drivers"

Past PhD Projects:

Guy Bennett: "Remote sensing of continuous cover forestry"

Maddie Philp: "Near Real-Time Forest Monitoring using Satellite Imagery"

Georgina Ettritch: “Geomorphological and Hydrological controls on the distribution and productivity of Anopheles messeae in the Dyfi catchment, Wales.”

Gwawr Jones: “Enhancing opportunities for coastal habitat characterization, mapping and monitoring.”

Joshua Jones: “Land-use history and carbon potential in regrowth forests the Amazon.”

Sizwe Mabaso: “The use of remote sensing to enhance forest degradation mapping and monitoring in Tanzania”

Nathan Thomas: “The potential of ALOS PALSAR for mapping time-series changes in mangrove forest extent”

Becky Charnock: “Assessment of Biodiversity Indicators in Wales Utilising Remote Sensing Data“

Heather Crump, 2014: “Habitat suitability modelling for upland bird species in Wales”

Sarah Perry, 2014: “Investigating the use of remote sensing technology for monitoring marine megafauna in Wales”

Alisdair Cunningham, 2014: “Satellite-based monitoring of land cover change in Wales: a multi-sensor approach”

Sonali Ghosh, 2013: “Habitat Suitability Mapping for tigers (Panthera tigris) in the Indo-Bhutan Manas Tiger Conservation Landscape”

Dan Clewely, 2012: “Retrieval of Forest Structure and Biomass from Radar Data using Backscatter Modelling and Inversion”

Johanna Breyer, 2009: “Habitat classification using airborne and spaceborne remote sensing for biodiversity assessment in Wales.”

Pete Bunting, 2007: “Integration of remote sensing data for the characterisation of Australian Forests.”