Dr Allen Foster


Dr Allen Foster

Reader - DIS

Department of Information Studies

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Specialising in the areas of information management and information behaviour.  Over the years I  have supervised research students (MPhil, PhD, DProf) in a variety of related areas with aspects of information, communication access, behaviour and technology,  serendipity, institutional repositories, technological adoption, health and justice systems and knowledge management.  External activities include Joint Editor in Chief for the Journal of Information Science and have included research panels, advisory groups and consultancy, and external examiner roles for research and taught degrees.


Module Coordinator

Teaching in a number of areas including Information Retrieval, Information Services, Information Literacy.


Human Information Behaviour: Information Needs, Information Seeking and Searching Behaviour, Serendipity, Interdisciplinarity, Information Literacy and Information Skills, Knowledge Management, Technology and Communication, Mediated Communication, Information Problems.  Research and publishing roles include editor for journals, reviewer, panel member, member of scientific committees, author, and research lead.  I am currently working on developing theoretical and applied research in industrial and commercial enterprise.



Coordinator for Postgraduate Research Student and Postgraduate Research Student Admissions 



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Foster, A & Rafferty, P (eds) 2016, Managing Digital Cultural Objects: Analysis, discovery and retrieval. Facet Publishing, London.
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