Hugh Owen Library Group Rooms

There are a number of rooms in the Hugh Owen Library available for students to book for group study.

To ensure fairness of use, bookings can be made:

  • once a day
  • for a maximum of four hours
  • up to one week in advance

Rooms are allocated according to number of attendees and room availibility at time of booking.

You can check the dates and times of existing bookings to find available slots.

To cancel your booking please email


Your safety

To protect yourself and others we ask that:

  • You sanitise your hands on entering, and regularly while using, the library.
  • You use your own Aber Card to swipe to enter and exit the library.
  • You do not come to the library if you are unwell.

We will ensure

  • Staff working in the library are following recommended hygiene practises.
  • Regular cleaning is carried out.
  • There are hand sanitising stations at the entrance.
  • There are sanitising wipes available for you to wipe down surfaces as needed