Culture and Language Modules: German

Buntes Kaleidoskop für Redekunstler 1 and 2

In these courses you will be given the opportunity to develop your already extensive fluency skills and deepen your understanding of modern German society. You will be examining and debating a great variety of contemporary issues through film and literature in four different Bundesländer.

The material studied will deal predominantly with aspects of national identity; students will take a critical look at the way Germans see themselves today in a very rapidly changing multicultural environment. You will also study the caustic views of foreign writers who have chosen Germany as their new homeland.

They are 20 weeks each.

The New German Cinema

The course is designed for students who have completed Buntes Kaleidoskop 1 or 2 or those who already have an extensive knowledge of the German language. The course will give students the opportunity to further advance their fluency skills and deepen their understanding of modern German society. Using the films from the New German Cinema' era will make students able to capture the diversity and contradictions of Germany today.

They are 20 weeks in this module.Deutschland: Politik und Internationale Beziehungen (Germany and the World)

This German language course will both improve your understanding of German society and extend your German language skills. The course introduces issues of German politics and society, including immigration and multiculturalism in modern Germany; the process of reunification; and humanitarian assistance. Topics will be introduced by the tutor who will provide language support where necessary, and explored through classroom discussion. This is an oral course – there is no need to write in German, and reading will be provided in both German and English. For students who have taken an advanced level German course, or who have equivalent speaking skills.