Wales/Ireland rural tourism project launches with aim to increase tourists

27 April 2022

A new €3 million European project aimed at boosting sustainable tourism in rural parts of Wales and Ireland has been launched.

Origins of space weather to be explored by Aberystwyth academic

01 April 2022

The Sun’s magnetic field, one of the most mysterious and important phenomena of modern astrophysics, is to be explored by an Aberystwyth University academic in a £400,000 project using the world’s most powerful solar telescope.

Lovelace women in computing conference turns 15

05 April 2022

The BCSWomen Lovelace Colloquium, the first conference of its kind for female students of computing, is celebrating its 15th event next week.

Wales’ first University celebrates 150 years of academic heritage

07 April 2022

Aberystwyth University is to hold a year-long programme of events to mark 150 years since it was established.

Windrush Cymru: Exhibition and films at Aberystwyth Arts Centre

07 April 2022

A new exhibition opened at Aberystwyth Arts Centre this week, featuring stories of how the Windrush Generation Cymru made their homes in Wales.

Future Wales Fellowship to communicate sustainable living through art

12 April 2022

Art as a means of understanding how climate change is affecting people’s everyday lives will be the focus for a new study by an Aberystwyth University academic.

Winner of prestigious student enterprise competition announced

13 April 2022

A business proposal to produce innovative and therapeutic hemp products has wowed the judges to win this year’s student business ideas competition, InvEnterPrize.

Shortlist for 2022 Staff and Students Awards announced

14 April 2022

Aberystwyth Students Union (AberSU) has announced the shortlist for the 2022 Staff and Students Awards.

The controversial Victorian novel that argued for the Deceased Wife’s Sister’s Marriage Act

21 April 2022

Writing in The Conversation Elizabeth Margaret Duffield-Fuller from the Department of English and Creative Writing discusses the author Dinah Craik and her book on the controversial Deceased Wife’s Sister’s Marriage Act.

Russia: programme of ‘patriotic education’ aims to create next generation of Putin faithful

21 April 2022

Writing in The Conversation Dr Jenny Mathers from the Department of International Politics and Dr Allyson Edwards from Warwick University examine Russian schoolchildren being mobilised in a patriotic movement which encourages military service.

Aber at Hay

29 April 2022

Developing friendlier and more sociable robots, 40 years of Welsh language television, and historical myths about the human body are some of the subjects set to engage audiences at the 35th Hay Festival.

Aberystwyth film premiere for Welsh and Irish port stories

29 April 2022

The histories and life of five port towns in Wales and Ireland will feature in a new film that will be premiered in Aberystwyth at the end of May.