What to expect from the Scheme

If you request a Signpost Mentor you will be assigned a 3rd or final year undergraduate or postgraduate student who has experienced much of what you are going through. Your Mentor will contact you as soon as possible to discuss the scheme, any problems and with a view to arranging a face to face meeting if desired.

Mentor meeting

What a Mentor is:

  • A more experienced source of advice
  • A link to other AU services
  • A signpost to external resources
  • Someone to talk to confidentially

Signpost Mentors have a flexible approach but please note they are not:

  • Trained counsellors
  • Personal tutors
  • Medical professional
  • A 24/7 source of support

"The support I have received from my mentor has been invaluable. The assistance regarding the tougher parts of my course has helped me  understand the methods in a more simplified way"  -Signpost Mentee

For more information on the Mentor / Mentee relationship see our Signpost Guidance notes


Will Signpost Mentoring help me?

Check out our Signpost Mentoring Flow Chart to determine if Signpost would help you


How to request a signpost Mentor

To request a Signpost Mentor fill out the request form or contact Signpost.

Current Mentees

For our current Mentees we hope that everything is working well for you and we appreciate any feedback to help continually improve the scheme.

Also feel free to ask us anything directly no matter the issue.

If you have any questions please  or see our FAQs