Issues with your course?

Struggling with your work?

If you are falling behind with work, it is advisable to reach out to your department by talking to your Module Co-ordinator and/or your personal tutor about any academic concerns you may have.

The AberSkills page is a source of self-help for various academic issues. In addition, Student Learning Support offer a range of courses and services across the university for enhancing your study experience.

If you are struggling with your course assignments and timed assessments as a result of a diagnosed disability or ongoing physical/mental health issues, please contact our accessibility team on to discuss possible alternatives and support provisions.

Struggling with university life?

Peer Support can provide support for students adjusting to university life.

Uncertain about your course?

If you are uncertain whether or not your course is right for you, or if you feel that taking some time out from your course might be helpful, you are welcome to discuss your options with one of our Student Advisers, as there may be implications for your Student Finance. Please contact for more information.

To book an appointment with an adviser, click the button on the right hand side. 

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