Drop-in Lessons

Lessons in various Schools and Colleges across the UK - taught by Aberystwyth University Academics.

Episode 1: Business

Dr Ian Harris teaches students from Coleg Gwent in Episode 1 of our series of Drop-in Lessons with various schools across the UK. With this lesson we're able to help with your current Business studies whilst simultaneously giving you an insight into the teaching styles of University lecturers.

Episode 2: Theatre & Performance

Dr Louise Ritchie introduces Drama students at St.David's Catholic College to concepts surrounding Site Specific Performance in our 2nd episode of our Drop-in Lessons.

Drama students will be given a fantastic insight into the variety of different ways that Drama is evolving outside of the traditional confines of the theatre

Episode 3: Sociology / Religious Studies

Dr Rhys Dafydd Jones of Aberystwyth University drops in to Gower College to introduce the concepts of Secularism and Secularization whilst also giving students an insight into the type of teaching available at University.

This session is relevant to students studying Sociology, Human Geography and Religious Studies.

Episode 4: Art History

What comes to mind when you think of Impressionism?

Perhaps it’s luminous, brightly coloured landscapes? Or daring scenes of modern Paris? Maybe its long queues outside exhibitions, or mass-produced merchandise: waterlillies on phone cases, ballerinas on tote bags?

This 30 minute session with Dr Samuel Raybone, lecturer in Art History at Aberystwyth University, is a chance to look with fresh eyes at Impressionism, possibly the most popular art movement of all. By practicing different ‘ways of seeing’ the art of the past, you’ll learn new things about old art, and get a taste of what studying “art history” at university is all about

Episode 5: Economics

In this episode of our Drop-in Lessons, Dr Lyndon Murphy of Aberystwyth Business School drops into Gower College to teach Economics and introduce the subject of Deflation.

This lesson is suitable for school and college students studying Business or Economics. 

Episode 6: Mathematics

Dr Adam Vellender, Research Lecturer in Aberystwyth University's Maths department, drops into Gower College to present a fun murder mystery question that can be solved with a first order linear ODE.

The lesson is suitable for school and college students currently studying Mathematics at AS or A-Level or an equivalent qualification. It will focus on the subject of first order differential equations.