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Aberystwyth University on the Contemporary Issues in International Politics.

International Politics is entering a fascinating, turbulent and potentially difficult era with many of the key actors, issues, challenges and threats undergoing radical transformation. The increasingly complex and intertwined nature of local, national, regional, international and global politics, raise new questions, opportunities and obstacles to managing, maybe even resolving, the problems facing humanity and the planet in the 21st Century. International politics seeks to provides the tools to better understand and perhaps enhance relations among peoples, societies, states, organisations, and the resources we share this planet with.

These webinars are designed to enrich a range of A-level studies including, but not limited to Politics, Geography, and History. The webinars will deepen understanding of topical and controversial issues in politics and international relations, while giving you a taster of university level enquiry and debate.

In partnership with Channel Talent world class academics from the department of International Politics have been running live webinars discussing the contemporary issues surrounding International Politics. Recordings of these webinars are be housed on this page.


Previous Recordings

Politics: The International Politics Of COVID-19

COVID19 is a public health crisis, affecting lives, lifestyles and livelihoods for people across the planet.

But it is more than this – it is a crisis of international politics.

Managing the crisis globally is a political issue – from travel restrictions, to access to vaccines, from cooperation on science to concerns over disease surveillance.

These debates on COVID19 did not emerge in a vacuum, but draw on two decades of initiatives in ‘global health’.

This webinar identifies the politics of global health – how it developed, what it means and what the problems are with the politics of global health.

This event is part of Aberystwyth’s Contemporary Issues in International Politics series.

Politics: Contemporary Issues In US Politics

Come join Dr Warren Dockter and Dr Jenny Mathers as they delve into the Contemporary Issues in US Politics.

With the 2020 US Presidential election looming amid growing political, economic and social divisions, tensions and inequalities, this is a great time to explore some of the important questions that shape American political life.

How representative is US politics? Who shapes campaign issues and policies and how? What role will immigration play in the election? What makes a President popular? What do these issues tell us about US society more widely?

In this webinar we will use a quiz, debate and discussion to generate ideas and thinking that will enrich A level studies, deepen understanding of topical and controversial issues, and give a taster of university-level approaches to study.

This is part of Aberystwyth’s Contemporary Issues in International Politics series.


International Politics Courses

International Politics Courses

Take a look at the extensive list of Undergraduate courses that the Department of International Politics have to offer:   https://www.aber.ac.uk/en/interpol/study-with-us/undergraduate/