Aberflix is a free Higher Education streaming platform with a series of videos aimed at helping you prepare for university and get to know more about Aberystwyth. We’ll introduce you to our subject areas, give advice and guidance on the application process and tackle important issues such as climate change.

Each month we'll be showcasing a new series, so make sure to check back regularly to discover our new videos.

Before, During and Beyond

This series focuses on a particular subject area and splits the information you need into 3 different sections.

Before: Informs you of the steps that you can take to prepare to study the subject at University.

During: A lecturer showcases what it’s like to study the subject at university.

Beyond: Hear how an Aberystwyth University graduate has used their degree in their career.

Student Insights

Learn more about student life at University from current students.

Your Guide to Higher Education: Making it from Application to Arrival

This series aims to support you every step of the way, from applying right through to arriving on campus.  

Drop-in Lessons

Our academics teach lessons on a variety of different subjects to schools and colleges across the UK to help students study and revise for their current subjects.

What Admissions Tutors Are Looking For

Find out what Admissions Tutors are looking for when reviewing an application or reading a Personal Statement.

An Introduction to Veterinary Science

Aberystwyth School of Veterinary Science is the first of its kind and the only Veterinary School in Wales.

The Politics Series

World-class academics from the department of International Politics discuss contemporary issues, giving you a taste of university level inquiry and debate.

Welsh Bacc Support

Aberystwyth University, along with The Welsh Parliament and The National Library of Wales, ran three sessions to support students studying the Baccalaureate.


Our Healthcare Education Centre introduce you to Aberystwyth’s Adult and Mental Health nursing programmes.


Learn more about the key topics around your wellbeing at university.