Terms and Conditions

  1. Sports Scholarships are open to undergraduate and postgraduate applicants from the UK applying to study full-time at Aberystwyth University. Applications must be received by 30 June and Aberystwyth must be the Firm choice of University.
  2. Scholarship holders will normally be expected to represent the University in the sport for which the Scholarship was awarded (via the appropriate Students’ Union Sports Club). In some circumstances this requirement may not be appropriate or possible and can be waived by agreement of the Chair of the Awarding Panel.
  3. Scholarship holders will have opportunities to review their progress with members of the Sports Scholarship team. They will be required to submit short written progress reports on a regular basis, and may also be required to keep a training diary to help with the review process.
  4. Scholarship payments will be made in equal instalments directly into recipients’ bank accounts each year they remain eligible. The first payment will be made in early December, and the second in early March.  Payments will not be made during years abroad, years in employment, sandwich years, repeat years, etc.  Holders of the Scholarship will continue to receive the benefits as long as they are full-time students and satisfy these terms and conditions.
  5. For students awarded with this scholarship before 2024 Entry, guaranteed accommodation in a University residence is subject to applying for accommodation within the dates advertised by the Accommodation Office each year.
  6. Scholarship holders may be required to help promote the sporting profile of the University at events such as Open Days, Visiting Days, Widening Participation activities etc. Participants will be recompensed for hours worked at the standard student ambassador rate.
  7. Holders of the Scholarship agree to behave in a fashion befitting a representative of the University and commit to maintaining or improving their sporting performance. Award holders must inform the Sports Scholarship Mentor should any change in circumstances result in them being unable to continue to participate in their chosen sport.
  8. Sports Scholarships can be held with any other undergraduate scholarship or bursary, except the Aberystwyth University/Aberystwyth Town Football Club Scholarship.
  9. Unsatisfactory progress in any of these areas, without good cause, will result in termination of the award.