Disclosure and Barring Service Check (previously CRB)

Part One - Nature of the post
Part Two - Definitions of contact


With effect from 1 November 2022, Aberystwyth University has engaged with Powys Council to undertake online DBS checks for any persons that may need one as part of their role requirements.

Those requiring a DBS check will now be able to complete their application using an online system. The candidate/employee requiring a check will now be able to access an online portal with 24-hour support to complete the necessary form. They will then be required to submit their required supporting documentation to Human Resources.

If a DBS is required then the Human Resources Department will ensure that the advert states that this post is subject to a DBS check. Once the offer has been made subject to a satisfactory DBS check then the Human Resources will start this verification process. Once you have identified a post that requires a DBS please ensure that you tick “Is a DBS required for this post” on the Vacancy Request form.

If you have any queries relating to DBS, please contact hr@aber.ac.uk.

Part One – Nature of the post

A DBS check should be initiated by the Faculty Pro Vice-Chancellor / Head of Service Department in consultation with the respective DVO (designated verification officer – Director of HR) and will be required if either of the following criteria apply:

  1. The main, or a substantial part of, the duties of the post or course of study (undergraduate or postgraduate) require direct contact with children or vulnerable adults once a month or more frequently, 3 or more occasions over a period of 30 days or overnight i.e. between 2-6 a.m.
  2. The main, or a substantial part of, the duties of the post include organisation and administration of programmes or activities with children or vulnerable adults even if the post holder will not normally come into direct contact with children or vulnerable adults.
  3. When preparing an advert for a vacant post you will need to consider whether a DBS check is required by reading the below definition of a vulnerable adult or child. New posts should be reviewed at the stage of preparing the job description.

Part Two – Definitions of contact

Definitions of a vulnerable adult and child.

  • ‘Child’ is defined as anyone under the age of 18 years. For the purpose of this policy the term ‘young person’ has the same meaning.
  • A vulnerable adult is defined as a person who is aged 18 years or over and who:
    • is living in residential accommodation, such as a care home or a residential special school;
    • is living in sheltered housing;
    • is receiving domiciliary care in their own home;
    • is receiving any form of healthcare;
    • is detained in lawful custody (in a prison, remand centre, young offender institution, secure training centre or attendance centre, or under the powers of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999);
    • is under the supervision of the probation services;
    • is receiving a specified welfare service, namely the provision of support, assistance or advice by any person, the purpose of which is to develop an individual’s capacity to live independently in accommodation or support their capacity to do so;
    • is receiving a service or participating in an activity for people who have particular needs because of their age or who have any form of disability;
    • is an expectant or nursing mother living in residential care;
    • is receiving direct payments from a local authority or health and social care trust in lieu of social care services;


    • requires assistance in the conduct of their own affairs.

With this improved process we expect that all DBS checks will be completed within a maximum of 14 days of requesting. HR Compliance will be able to support your teams through the process in the first instance. Once we have satisfactory clearance, the HR Department will inform the Faculty Pro Vice-Chancellor / Head of Service Department so that a start date for the new employee can be agreed.

Follow this link for further guidance: 
Find out which DBS check is right for your employee - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)