Procedure for appointing Emeritus Professors

Conferment of Emeritus Title

  1. The University may, at its discretion, confer an Emeritus title of the University to academic staff on
    their retirement from Aberystwyth University.
  2. For the purposes of this Ordinance, ‘retirement’ shall mean such time when an employee resigns
    their employment at Aberystwyth University and starts to receive income from the occupational
    pension scheme of their last or most substantive employer.
  3. The Emeritus title shall be used to give recognition and status to former members of academic staff
    who have made a sustained exceptional contribution to academia and who may wish to make an
    ongoing contribution to the academic work of the institution. Such a contribution would be pro
    bono, with no stipend attached.
  4. An Emeritus title may be conferred on academic staff upon retirement from the University by the
    Vice-Chancellor. The names of those conferred with an Emeritus title shall be reported for
    information to the Governance and Compliance Committee.
  5. Within three months of their proposed ‘retirement’ date, those wishing to be considered for an
    Emeritus title shall submit an application to the Human Resources department who, having asked the
    relevant Faculty to comment on each application, shall present all applications for consideration by
    the Vice-Chancellor. A Faculty may also propose individuals for consideration via the same process.
    All applications must explain how the applicant meets the criteria outlined in point 3.
  6. All submissions for consideration shall also enclose a Curriculum Vitae of the academic staff member
    in question and a clear statement of any expected future involvement of the person in the work of
    the Faculty and/or the University.
  7. Any person conferred with an Emeritus title who subsequently takes up substantive employment at
    another academic institution shall forfeit the Emeritus title. Individuals who resume employment at
    Aberystwyth University following retirement shall temporarily forfeit the Emeritus title until
    employment at the University has concluded, at which point it can be re-applied for.