Occupational Health

The Aberystwyth University Occupational Health Service provides confidential services to protect the health of staff, assessing and advising on fitness for work, training, and study, to ensure that health issues are effectively managed.

The University believes that all staff should have the opportunity to access high quality Occupational Health support for health issues which are a result of, or which affects, their employment within the University.

In July 2022 Aberystwyth University has teamed up with Insight, one of the UK's leading occupational health service providers. The company is UK wide with Anglo-Welsh roots, the result of many years of specialist staff providing a quality service, who came together to form INSIGHT OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH, a company that has revolutionized occupational health services since its birth in 2003.

Uniquely positioned in the occupational health sector, INSIGHT OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH has an unrivalled tailored approach to its client base containing some of the most renowned companies with workforces spread worldwide. Moving forward, Insight will provide all OH services on behalf of Aberystwyth University.

The OH service is delivered by a team of health professionals who specialise in the branch of medicine that deals with the relationship between work and health. Working to high professional standards, members of staff can expect the team to treat them courteously and with respect for their privacy and dignity.

Services provided by Occupational Health

  • New Starter Health Assessment Questionnaires (conducted during the employment process);
  • Health surveillance to meet requirements under health and safety legislation.
  • Return to work assessment and rehabilitation advice.
  • Advice on sickness absence management.
  • Workplace assessments.
  • Assessment of Genetic Modification workers and employees working with hazardous biological agents.
  • Expectant & New Mothers Assessments.
  • Night Worker assessments to comply with Working Time Regulations.
  • Give advice about vaccinations required for work.
  • Provision of policy advice and contribution to policy development.
  • Assessment of work-related illness and review of long term sickness;
  • Medical assessments for early retirement

How to Refer

If you need to seek advice from Occupational Health, please speak with your Line Manager. They will need to complete a full referral form and send this through to hr@aber.ac.uk where it will then be triaged. If a referral is the most suitable option, an appointment will be created for you with Insight and a report will follow within 72 hours.

OH Referral Form

EAP/Care First

The University has an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) which is provided by an independent company by the name of Care First. The EAP offers the opportunity for staff to access free, independent, and confidential advice on a range of work, family and personal issues. It is employee led and employees can access this service as and when they choose without reference to management on a 24/7 basis. 

The EAP can be accessed by calling 0800174319 or alternatively you can access the programme here using your Aber e-mail account login details.